How to get a more sensitive pen with Sketchbook Pro? | MAKE YOUR SKETCH CHANGE THE WORLD | TIP 8 – 9

earphone-close-up-choutac-chungEarphone is a great subject for sketching various forms. They could be organic or minimalist.

Today is just a quick sketch of an earphone which got a flat wire. The plus is that you could easily customize or replace the wire color. Simple. Did you notice that most of defectuous earphone come from the wire ?

I saw some flat wire in the audio store. They are great as they are not that easy to get tangled up.
In case you want to get one, make sure that the material is not heavy. Beside that if you run, they may produce unwanted sound from the wire movement itself.  Check that before buying.

To answer CARLOS T, from the post  SKETCH 5 | 24/08/14 | CONCEPT DIVING MASK.
”I’ve been playing with Sketchbook Pro for a while and I’m always interested in knowing what settings different designers use. Do you use custom pens? Any SBP tips?”


SketchbookPro-Stylus-responsivnessGot to the menu:
I adjust the cursor to the max. It gives more control on the pen pressure.
In other words: To get a thicker stroke, you have to press harder.



That sketch has nothing much outstanding. However, it reminds me that a designer never work alone. A project is always shown to someone: a colleague, creative director, clients…
I remember that quote from one of my teacher at my design school:
“Make such outstanding work that your client will talk about you and your work to his wife.”
Daniel Blanchet – founder of IOTA design, and teacher at Créapôle.

TIP  9 MAKE YOUR SKETCH Change the world


p align=”center”>A product design sketch is more than “just a drawing”. It communicates functions, ideas and values. I believe that “A sketch can change the world !”. The concept is equally important as the way your boards communicate. Remember that the ultimate goal is to convince people.

Share your experience.
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  • Chou-Tac Chung

    Reply Reply August 29, 2014

    Ahah, simple. You just put it in the ear 🙂

  • Renata

    Reply Reply August 26, 2014

    nice design! could you please show me how to put it on the head… thanks!

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