Learn the secrets of overcoming procrastination so that you can finally unlock your potential for creativity and achieve your dreams. Read on for more!

Overcoming procrastination and start to draw now
How to stop procrastination and start to draw now

How to Start Drawing now | Overcoming Procrastination

  • The reptilian brain
  • Fear is an illusion
  • Ready to live with regrets?
  • “Just Do It!”
  • The mind hack to start now
  • You are the movie director of your thoughts

The biggest obstacle to learning a new skill such as

  • drawing,
  • playing music,
  • singing,
  • speaking a new language

is… “Never starting”.

We need to overcome procrastination.

We feel like that “Resistance“.
Something that pulls us away from our goal or passion by making excuses.

“I start tomorrow! But…”


Have you ever told yourself: “I start tomorrow!”.
But “Tomorrow” comes and you say it again?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to feel guilty.
This procrastination happens to any of us.

Let’s understand why.

The reptilian brain

reptilian brain
The Reptilian brain tells us to remain safe in our comfort zone

When you want to start a project that matters to you,
your reptilian brain is warning you that you should stay in
your comfort zone to remain safe.

The danger is in the unknown.
But nowadays there are no more dinosaurs waiting for
you or me at the corner of a building. ; )

Fear is an illusion

Fear is all about perspective

Fear is an illusion:

  • Fear of failing,
  • Fear of feeling ridiculous,
  • Fear of realizing we are not good enough.

Fear is present in any artist facing procrastination.
It could be for personal or as well for professional design projects.

We tend to put pressure on ourselves – ready to judge our mistakes.

But remember,

If there is no action, there is no win either.

Ready to live with regrets?

Regrets folder
Don’t pile regrets in your folders

A study was made in a retired house.
We asked them: What do you regret in your life?

People didn’t mention things they did.
Instead, they mentioned things they never dare to do.

Things they never ask, never start, never tried…

“Just Do It!”

Just do it Nike inspiration
“Just Do It”

We gotta hack our brains to overcome this resistance
to reach our goal to become a designer.

We all have 24 hours.
Some people will succeed, and others don’t.
Most who don’t succeed have actually never started.

They “kill the bird in the egg”.

Remember that:
Worst than failing is Regret.
Because you will never know
if you would have succeeded if you tried.

So like a famous brand says: “Just do it!”

You may find strategies for overcoming procrastination.
What matters most is your first step. And carry on doing one step after another.

With practice,
your comfort zone will expand
and your reptilian brain will too.

Your ambition and your actions will grow,
and you will live a unique experience each day!

The mind hack to start now

Mind hacking to stop procrastinating
Mind hack to stop procrastinating

My friends say I am a positive person since I’m a child.
I smile even for no particular reason.

I even smile now when I’m writing to you
as I enjoy it like a conversation with you.

I believe in: “Always think positively”.
Some people may think it is kind of naive.
Maybe yes.

But I rather:

  • Live with an open mind to creativity, and embrace opportunities
    than remaining in fear “locked in my reptilian brain”.

You are the movie director of your thoughts

Inside Out

It is all about self-awareness.
Not aware of an observation on how your life is happy or not.

But seeing yourself like the movie director of your thoughts,
and decide if you wanna make your life a happy or a sad story.

If you have negative thoughts,
reverse them filling them with resilience.

It’s as simple as “the empty cup or full cup”.


Because our inner energy comes from
the words you choose to describe your feelings.

Instead of: “If I try I may fail.”
Tell yourself that: “If I try, I may succeed” or “I’ll succeed only if I try”.

I would like to finish this article with this quote I don’t know the author:
“Pessimists see the mug half-empty. Optimists are already brewing another cup.”

"Pessimists see the mug half-empty. Optimists are already brewing another cup."
Are you Optimist?

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