How to draw the Nike Air Max | The Sneaker 1 minute sketching tutorial

These days, we have been talking about Footwear design with Mr Bailey from Concept Kicks, so I felt it would be cool to publish the second 1 minute tutorial about How to draw a sneaker – and we’ll be using the Nike Air Max, the lady version.

I have a personal preference for lady shoes as their silhouette are pretty thin and sexy. I somehow feel they are more expressive in term of fluidity and curves.

Here we go, let’s start in the video! If you go till the end of the video, you can hear my washing machine in the background… hehe oops! Oh, below the video, you can download the tutorial in picture :).

Let me know how it goes, and send me your sketches at [email protected]! 🙂

The main message I would like you guys to remember is:

To make huge improvement, practice how to draw a last first. It’s basically a standard shape of the foot. From there you can draw the shoe using that silhouette as a base. That makes sure you start with a good proportion.

Using this method and a bit of imagination, you could sketch about 90% of your own design in the first 45 seconds, after that its all about detailing. 🙂

To save the sketching tutorial picture: Right click + Save as…

Nike Air Max Design sketching - The design sketchbook - the 1 minute tutorial

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