6 steps to be Extra-Ordinary

Hello guys,

Have you ever see great sketches people do on Internet.
You try. You Fail. You get angry. You give up.

It happened to me so many times.

We’ll see today how to get rid of this failing repeating pattern
to get into a virtuous loop to keep learning and progressing.

“How to become Successful Extraordinary in 2020.”

This morning I went to a workshop for entrepreneurs called:
“How to become Successful Extraordinary in 2020.”
Tue-Si Nguyen and Nicolas Thanh.

How to be extraordinary in 2020 with tue si nguyen and nicolad thanh

Tue-Si Nguyen and Nicolas Thanh

They are both my good friends
and are young entrepreneurs who believe life
and career should be driven by Passion and Happiness.

I felt their teaching could be also applied to us
who want to keep improving our drawing, designer and creativity level.

How to become successful extraordinary in 2020 Tue si nguyen nicolas thanh

To be Extra-Ordinary, we need to do things that are “Extra from ordinary”. In other words, getting out of our comfort zone. 

Grow you Emotional Intelligence

At the workshop, Tue-si and Nicolas asked us 2 questions:

  • What is your bad habit ?
  • What good habit would you like to have ?

Take a couple of minutes to think about it…..

…. tik-tok tik-tok…

Write your answer on paper.

For the workshop group response:

Bad habits were about:

  • Distraction (scrolling feeds of Instagram before sleeping),
  • Procrastination
  • Drinking too much
  • Watching TV too much

The good habits we wish having answers was about:

  • A better organization
  • A better focus

Do you see yourself in the same situation?

We all have imperfections, and they may be obstacles.
What matters is what do we do to keep up.

Some may feel guilty, incapable… be rough with oneself.
Some will contain their anger shutting down their emotions.

Some will get angry or be in the denial.

At the end of the day,
we would let negative emotions
take over and interrupt our goal pursuit.

We let negativity take over
and Tue-Si makes us realized how we never really
learn to communicate and understand our emotions.

Even as an adult we tend sometimes to react like a 7 years old kid.


Because we never really practiced at communicating them.
We may be adult, but our emotional experience
remained at the same level as the one during our childhood.

Tue-Si lost his mom when he was 6 years.
He cried. His father had a man up reaction and ordered him to stop crying.

Since a domino effect started.
And he took a series of wrong choices during his personal life and career.
From the surface, he had an amazing success.

His career was envious. He earned 10k per month, but deep inside he was unhappy.
He tried to self convince everything was fine. But instead of listening to his emotions, he failed into addictions to compensate. He was in conflict with himself and didn’t know how to find peace.

Learn how to learn

I invite you to go through this virtuous loop to become Extra Ordinary.
It helps us to get a better awareness of our weaknesses and emotions.
So we can keep forward.

There are 6 steps, and it is interesting to identify at which one you tend to get out of the loop. So you can identify what to “fix”.

How to become successful extraordinary in 2020 Tue si nguyen nicolas thanh Learn how to learn

The virtuous loop to become Extra-Ordinary

Step 1 Knowledge

Any activity, project start by gathering information.
Let’s say you see a great Pool player that impress you.

Step 2 Intention

You feel the player is awesome.
You admire him and you wanna play like him too!
You develop the intention to play too.

Step 3 Do / Action

Good scenario:
Your first reaction is: “Monkey See Monkey Do.”
You try to imitate the player. But the ball doesn’t get the hole.
No matter how hard you try, you fail.

Bad exit scenario: Give up.
No matter how hard you tried, you fail.
Playing pool may not be for you.

Step 4 Observe / Review

Good scenario:
If you haven’t given up, you try to understand why you fail.
You review your performance.
You try to learn where you get wrong, and how to improve.

Bad exit scenario: Denial.
You don’t accept you could make mistakes.

Step 5 Accept / Learn

Good scenario:
Your skills are not there yet.
You are ok with failing, and you think of the next step.

Bad exit scenario: Guilt, Fear.

Step 6 / Forgive

Good scenario:
You forgive yourself for making mistakes. It is ok and do a tap on your shoulder.
From there you are ready to Repeat to Step 1, and gather more information.

REPEAT – go back to step 1

You acquired more knowledge, and you are ready to acquire even more.
You level up each time you repeat the virtuous loop to gain experience.

Embrace your mistakes.

“If you embrace your mistakes, they won’t make you weaker but stronger.” With this positive mindset, you actually build your willpower to achieve your goals.


PS: My answer to the test was

  • My bad habit is to multi-task. Looking for doing everything myself.
  • The good habit I wish to have is to be more offensive, to be less shy.
    (I’ve never been good at Networking).
    In Vietnam, an expression says: “To add more salt”.
lunch eating Pho Chou-Tac Chung Nicolas Thanh

Having lunch eating Pho with the group after the workshop

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