How to draw a USB Charger on iPad Pro (with the app Morpholio Trace)

Hey guys so today we see how to do a USB charger.
So welcome to,
I’m Chou-Tac and I invite you to download the Designer Starter Kit.

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All right to get started I put my glove which is especially made for drawing on tablets but will avoid the palm conflict.

So before starting I like to warm up a bit my hands just to warm up the muscles. It just like if you are going to start a session of gym you have to make sure to warm up to have the most comfortable range of motion.

How to draw USB Charger on ipad pro with morpholio trace  Product design sketching Warm up my hands.png

So here we go for the USB charger which you can see has three plugs and also a cylinder on the top and some round corner.

Alright, so let’s open the iPad Pro. Here we go.

What I like to do is to deactivate the rotation, and also activate the flight mode just to make sure that we stop all the notifications.

Let’s open our MORPHOLIO TRACE.

So which is a new application that actually, I’m trying for the first time, which has been recommended by Phillip Martin who is one of my students.

Philip Martin recommends Morpholio Trace for designer sketching.png

So here I’m doing a bit of warm up, which is something I like to do. So whenever like I started sketching session, doing some circles, some straight lines, some ellipses. So you also have all these exercises in the Designer Starter Kit as well.

Download the Designer Starter Kit for beginners.png

Alright, so I create a new layer, I click the three little dots and replace the yellow background with the white one. So what I like to do is also to just have a quick observation again of the product. And then what I do is a small thumbnail, like what I called ugly doodle.
It is like something that I will draw, just to gather some more information about the product. I don’t want to really bother much about proportion yet. All I want to know is to build up like a strategy of drawing.

How to draw USB Charger on ipad pro with morpholio trace  Product design sketching ugly doodle reference.png

What will be the steps I would take to draw this USB charger like as you can see one of the main rule of drawing is to start by the general shape first and then you go into the details.
Like I had step first with the big box and now as you can see because I got the big box I can draw the USB plugs inside. It wouldn’t make sense to start with the USB plug, USB plug USB plug first and draw around because it would be tricky to visualize the rest.
Think that you’re drawing like sculpting you draw the roundness for example after you have like a sharp box and then you add the roundness.
Yeah, really think like sketching like sculpting.
So you don’t have to memorize every single details, all of them in one shot. All come along the way. So take your time. Once again, don’t forget to draw the control lines. Start light your sketches and more and more confident you can bold along the way.

How to draw USB Charger on ipad pro with morpholio trace  Product design sketching 3 plugs aligned.png

So this step is really like the steps of memorization. And the second step here, I’m drawing again the same sketch bigger. And what I do is that I’m drawing it mostly by memorization by I don’t really need anymore to look again at the original product.
But of course, I keep it next to me.

Whenever I need I will look at it. But the idea is that because I was generating all the information in my mind, I can really better focus on how I’m going to draw it. And the magic of it is that because we are drawing in three dimensions is that I’m saying this product, having some boxes, having some cylinders, having some roundness.
Being able to draw with the perspective rules, actually, I could draw it in any angle. It is like I can rotate it in my mind. It’s pretty magic because if let’s say you have been learning how to draw just by copying a picture.
You wouldn’t be able to see it in 3d or drawing from another angle you would be dependent having your product in front of you and turning it.
And so you could copy it as it is, but from now, because I have created the strategy in three dimensions, I’m pretty much able to draw it in any angle just from once again memorization.
Like here, what you can see from the three USB plug, I have defined like see that they are all aligned. So this is what I do. I have drawn like first rectangle around and then I trace every single USB plug, following this rectangle all around as a guideline.
So I make sure that every single plug is well aligned with the one next to it.

How to draw USB Charger on ipad pro with morpholio trace Product design sketching

Make sense?

So now I’m going to get into the details and to add more clarity I will add some contour lines.

So take your time.

So for this part I’m also looking at my original product just to make sure that
I’m not getting overwhelmed by all these little details.

Then here we go.

Here is like MORPHOLIO has a bit of this little charging thing is actually saving. I felt it was a bit like interrupting my my flow of sketching because when it’s saving actually I cannot draw anymore during that little two or three seconds laps of time.
Yeah, I just wish somehow that maybe future versions that this thing will be removed and will be totally transparent.

How to draw USB Charger on ipad pro with morpholio trace  Product design sketching - Morpholio charging.png

Okay, so let’s carry on because beside that, there is plenty of stuff that are pretty good.
I rpretty like the way that its “drops” of the pen like you can see this little dots starting the beginning of each line. It is really replicating the way how a traditional pen would do.

How to draw USB Charger on ipad pro with morpholio trace  Product design sketching - Professional dots on Morpholio line Trace.png
So it’s really cool when you know your basics of perspective because as you can see, we have been drawing this two sketches in less than seven minutes, which is a pretty good timing. So now actually when we got this, you can really take your time.

It feels like you can spend some time to relax with some small details, some additional contour lines to add some clarity to your sketch.
And it feels more like relax, like all the kind of stress of the sketch like:
“Would I be able to make?” – “Is it going to be going to be all right or not”?
It’s already over in few minutes. And this is why once again, when you know your basic rules of perspective, which is great because you can do your sketch very fast. You don’t need to spend like one hour to have something proper.

In just few minutes, you can get something and to be able to, to be good enough to present to someone and to understand your idea.

It could be your colleagues, your friends, your boss, your clients and so on… In just a few minutes so you can get it. And that’s really the magic of learning the techniques of product design sketching.
As a designer, as you have the ability to understand that in terms of productivity, you have to be looking for efficiency within the results and the timing also that you’re going to get.


Because whenever you will have a design brief, you will need to propose multiple, a multitude of proposals or sketching of sketches. And this is how you need to make sure that all your ideas are getting on the table. Without looking for perfection for every single sketch,. It would would take just too long, because at the end, you will make a selection and just a few of them are going to be selected.

So make sure that it’s good enough. Don’t look for perfection once again.

And when you will get like the ultimate selection at the end of the project, then you can spend more time at getting something more neat. I would say.

So remember that the quality of the sketch that you’re doing is depending of what’s your aim, what’s your goal.

Like the Ugly Doodle, the goal was to memorize the steps and creating a strategy for drawing. So, it was very fast in few seconds, this second sketch is like few minutes, and so on. Okay. But basically, in product design, sketching you, you want to draw fast and efficient.

So here the blue lines are basically the perspective lines and is the things that you need to keep visualizing in your mind when you draw them.
And remember that you can rotate the tablet itself. It’s something personal I like to do like treating the iPad like a piece of paper. Instead of using my two fingers on the touchpad to zoom in and zoom out or to rotate it.

How to draw USB Charger on ipad pro with morpholio trace Product design sketching perspective lines

So step A was the Ugly doodle.

And it was made to absorb the information and basically starting to build the strategy that I’m going to use when I’m going to do the step B. Which is more about doing the “Pretty Doodle”, I would say, just to make it a contrast with Ugly Doodle.

How to draw USB Charger on ipad pro with morpholio trace Product design sketching - drawing on ipad pro steps

But it’s mostly from memorization, thanks to the step A. Which helped me to apply the strategy of drawing. Because it’s all about simple geometry, okay?
So basically what I did what we did here was I started with the box.
So the general shape first, and then I draw the contour lines to make sure that I caught some quick proportion as well.
It is mostly like a flat rectangle, I would say.
And then I’m drawing for the third step here to understand that I have a cylinder on the top.

How to draw USB Charger on ipad pro with morpholio trace Product design sketching Drawing on ipad pro steps on tablet
Okay, so I’m taking care of the big elements of the product.
And then I know that the three usb plug are aligned, which is helping me for the details, I have the plug behind, and so on and so on. Okay?
So remember, for the step A, you just do an Ugly doodle. Like a draft. You don’t care about proportions, but you start to visualize it better. Don’t try to make it perfect.
And then on the B, you’ll be more able to draw something neat.
Alright, so I hope that you enjoyed this video.

How to draw USB Charger on ipad pro with morpholio trace Product design sketching Ipad Closing

Feel free to add a comment below and telling me how you love it, how you draw it. And feel free to send me by email your own sketches and see you on the next video.

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    I love your work. I am a production designer in television.
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    I cant even figure out how to do consistent straight lines.
    Do you teach courses on line?
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