16 TIPS – How to draw an Adidas sneaker design

Today is an update of the TIP 57  How to make your sketch stand out with a simple shadow. Where instead of 1 TIP,  I give you along the way 16 TIPS on How to draw a shoe – Adidas sneaker design.

00:04 I use a Bic Marker (for CD-DVD) It makes nice lines and slide smoothly on paper
00:07 I start sketching the last with the insole
00:14 I draw the instep – to give the main shape of the last
00:16 If you can do this well, 80% of the job is done !
00:28 Draw the quarter following the last
00:33 Draw the medial quarter in perspective
01:00 Draw the tongue taking the “instep middle line” as reference
01:12 The main shape is done – Let’s spend more time on details
01:26 Remember to turn your paper – to draw nice and accurate lines
02:11 This small line is awful. =P I will correct it later.
02:22 Use Hatching to express different materials
02:56 Divide well the space between the lace holes
03:09 Draw laces in “movement” to add dynamism to your design
03:24 Draw a distant shadow few cm below for a “flying shoe” effect
04:16 Use the Ghost drawing as often as you need
05:03 I use my finger to visualize better the lines
05:47 Thank you – Hope it helps !

Let me know your impression in the comment box
See you guys for the Next TIP of the day !

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  • Chou-Tac

    Reply Reply October 16, 2016

    Hello Tabasam,

    I represented it at second 13. However I took a shortcut, as I skipped the inner line.

  • Tabasam Ullah

    Reply Reply October 16, 2016

    I apologise if I can’t see it, but where is the drawing of the sole?

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