Contour Lines | Drawing Tips and Tricks for Designer

Contour Lines | Sketching Tips and tricks for Designers ChouTac Chung

Receive your FREE copy of the Designer Starter Kit here CONTOUR LINES | Drawing Tips and Tricks for Designer 10.02minutes When I started as a beginner designer,I wondered how professional designers come up with sketches so fast! (and so good!) One of their main secrets is The Contour lines. We cover that today! Take a pen!…

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How to Draw Japanese Skewers in 5 steps! | FOOD DESIGN

how to draw japanese skewers in 5 steps - food design

FOOD DESIGN: How to Draw Japanese Skewers in 5 steps! 13.10minutes Did you know Designers could make Food designs?| remember, food design was one of our school project at my 1st year of Product design school. It was so much fun! BONUS: You can download the printable tutorial file at the end of the article.…

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Draw a dragon with the symmetry tool | Sketchbook pro

Today drawing is an organic dragon head. I was randomly doodling and get slowly absorbed into it. So I totally forgot to take intermediate screenshot to share with you guys. I’ll try to get some for future doodling. CHOU-TAC CHUNG – DRAGON ORGANIC HEAD When I started to doodle, I didn’t really know about the…

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I noticed the overhead electricity wires and high voltage power lines from my balcony. They are such in an organized mess. It looks complicated, so why not give it a try ! Chou-Tac Chung – High-voltage power lines, Saigon, 2014I guess that what attracted my attention is the contrast between the static power distributor and…

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How to get a more sensitive pen with Sketchbook Pro? (For heavy-wrist sketchers)

The earphone is a great subject for sketching various forms. They could be organic or minimalist. Today is just a quick sketch of an earphone that got a flat wire on my Wacom Cintiq 13HD. The plus of its flat wire is that you could easily customize or replace the wire color. Simple. Did you…

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Set up a high resolution file with Sketchbook Pro

Even if I have spent quite some time on that sketch, I am not really fan of it. I was trying too hard hiding my mistakes by overloading it of details. I guess I blind myself and didn’t realize early enough that the sketch base was not right. It naturally gives a clumsy result. The…

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