How to start drawing anything better in 4 steps | the Random Product technique |Tip138 | VIDEO

Today, let’s look at a 4 steps tutorial that will help you better draw any Product design in 3D. It’s a perfect training for whom face the Malediction of the Blank page, where you may face these challenges:

  • No inspiration, no ideas
  • Even if you have ideas, you can’t visualize them on paper.
  • So you feel paralysed and end doing something else than drawing… e.g. Counting your pens.

The [Random Product] technique in video

Before / After: Start from a flat shape to make it evolve in 3D and get a [Random product].

When I had to draw things I was not familiar with at school, I “spaced out”. I was kind of trap in a loop: I felt difficult to draw anything looking for ideas, while I even didn’t know myself what to draw… What helped me to unlock that situation is to start drawing with references. My memory of forms was just too weak. So I started to observe things with more focus, and sketch them ! (Looking is definitely not enough.)

But the first thing I needed to work on was my ego. I had to put it aside and accept that I can’t create better if I don’t steal more from the past, that is just the real world. For this tutorial,  I divided the process in a step-by-step approach to help you better draw in volume.

There is multiple benefits to the Random Product technique:

  • You improve your quality of lines
  • Your vision in 3D is more reactive
  • Provoke more Happy accident (create new shapes randomly)
  • Practice your memory of forms
  • And let your ideas flow faster and better.

The idea here is to create [Random products] to train your observation and sketching skills – without caring much about the real benefits of the prodcut. We don’t need here your product to be working. So the trick here is to combine details taken from multiple hardware, to import them and give a look of a product to